Since 1989 until the present, the ADSC faculty and staff have produced a total of 10 books and pamphlets; five (5) books which are classified as follows: Poultry Production (1), Quail Production (1), Animal Breeding (2), and Animal Feeds and Feeding (1) and five (5) pamphlets which are classified as follows: Duck Egg Processing (2), Native Chicken Production (1), Carabao Production (2). Two of these books were published by the U.P. Press, CA Publications Office (1), University Publications Office (1), and DA Philippine Agriculture and Fisheries Biotechnology Program (1). All of the pamphlets were published by the CA Publications Office. These books and pamphlets are available for sale at the CA Publications Office.

Biodiversity of Livestock and Poultry Genetic Resources in the Philippines

This book presents vital information that are required in the effective and efficient management, improvement, and conservation of domestic animal genetic resources. It also hopes to promote public awareness and better understanding and appreciation of diversity within species, between species, and ecosystems involved in local animal production. Author: Domingo B. Roxas Year Published: 1998 (First Printing) ISBN: 971-20-0455-4 Publisher: Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development

The Science and Practice of Quail Production

This book includes a wide range of topics related to the science and practice of quail production such as quail industry in the Philippines, history and development of breeds, breeding and management, nutrition, disease control, and processing and utilization of quail products. Author: Severino S. Capitan Year Published: 2003 (First Printing); 2006 (Second Printing) ISBN: 971-8778-51-9 Publisher: CA Publications Office, UPLB, College, Laguna Price: PhP 235.00 per copy

Animal Feeds and Feeding: With Emphasis on the Tropics

This book covers both fundamental principles of nutrition and practical aspects of feeding domestic animals of economic importance in the tropics, particularly in the Philippines. It emphasized feedstuffs used and feeding practices commonly observed in tropical conditions. It is a useful guide in teaching the first course in animal feeds and feeding, for undergraduate students which is usually offered as a core course to students who major in animal science.

Animal Breeding: Principles and Practice in the Philippine Context

This book is about the principles of genetics with considerable emphasis on breeding goals and the procedures necessary to achieve improvement of economically important traits in animal breeding populations. It also features a review of milestones and applications/practice of quantitative genetics, statistical methodology, selection and mating designs in farm animals in the Philippines.