Poultry Production and Management

Principles of poultry production (broiler and layer) and management practices (stock selection, housing, feeds and feeding, disease prevention and control, ...
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Feed Quality Control

Physical and chemical evaluation method and techniques to determine the quality of feed ingredients. Min. no. of participants 10  Coordinator ...
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Basic Swine Production and Management

Principles of swine production and management of swine farm, stock selection, housing, feeds and feeding, disease prevention and economics of ...
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Slaughtering and Fabrication of Farm Animals

Basic principles in selection and management of animals prior to slaughter and procedures in slaughtering and fabrication of farm animals ...
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Ration Formulation

Principles involved in actual formulation of rations for livestock and poultry using most commonly available feed ingredients and actual test ...
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  • The participant must at least be high school graduate.
  • Board and lodging are excluded from short course fees. Lodging inside UPLB campus can be arranged with prior notice.
  • Deadline for pre-registration is two-weeks before the start of the training course. A reservation fee of P500 per course is required which is deductible from the total course fee.
  • Courses with observation tour require group insurance to be paid by the participants.
  • All of the courses listed can be offered through institutional arrangement anytime of the year.