IAS Undergoes Fire Drill and Seminar

IAS Undergoes Fire Drill and Seminar

Staff of IAS volunteers to demonstrate rescue operations as FO2 Bago (leftmost) and FO1 Gayadan (rightmost) guide them accordingly. (Photo courtesy of KZG Lavadia)

Attended by faculty, staff, and students alike, the Institute of Animal Science conducted a Fire Drill and Seminar to equip its stakeholders with the knowledge, proper attitude, and skills in times of natural and man-made disasters like earthquake and fire. The said event took hold at the Animal Science Lecture Hall 2, August 20.

Through an interactive lecture-demonstration, FO2 Eraño I. Bago of the Los Baños Bureau and Fire Protection served as the resource speaker where he discussed the fundamentals of responding to fire emergencies. With him to discuss safety and fire prevention tips was FO1 Eliseo R. Gayadan of the same agency.

Both staff and students participated in the discussion and simulation conducted shortly after the lecture. Several faculty members, including Dr. Elpidio M. Agbisit Jr., Director of the IAS, volunteered for a demonstration on the use of fire extinguisher held just outside the lecture hall.

Dr. Elpidio M. Agbisit, Jr. quickly targets the base of the fire. (Photo courtesy of MS Sanchez/OVCCA)

According to Dr. Michael S. Sanchez, UPLB’s Pollution Control Officer and Public Information Associate of the Occupational Health and Safety Standard Committee, colleges, institutes, and offices at the UPLB can ask for the assistance of his office to coordinate, arrange, and hold training and seminars with agencies concerning health and safety.

This, according to Dr. Sanchez, was his first for IAS, though they have conducted several fire and earthquake safety-related drills within the UPLB constituent units and at the University of the Philippines Rural High School.

“Trainings such as the one conducted at IAS should be done at least two to four times a year per college or institute,” he added.

The purpose of drills is to develop muscle memory to take responsibility of one’s safety in times of crisis instead of jumping into panic. Because of the success and positive reception among participants, a First Aid Training was scheduled on September 3 as a follow-through to this event.

The event was spearheaded by Dr. Julienne Maria Undine Paz H. Quimio, head of Public Safety and Waste Management Committee of the Institute. With her were members of the committee including Dr. Noel B. Lumbo, Marichelle M. Rebenque, Jose Alberto I. Nuez III, Katrina M. Umali, Jessica P. Lacap, and Josephine R. Centeno.

For fire drill and other related trainings, letter of request must be addressed to Dr. Serlie Barroga-Jamias, Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs, UPLB.

First published in AGGIE Green and Gold Vol. 19 No. 3