IAS Hosts Psychosocial Support Workshop for Students

IAS Hosts Psychosocial Support Workshop for Students

Faculty and staff are all-support in forwarding mental health and wellness among students, primarily. (Photo courtesy of EB Carandang)

The Institute of Animal Science (IAS) hosted a mental health psychosocial support workshop titled “I-connect with Myself” for BS Agriculture and BS Agricultural Biotechnology students last January 27 (1st batch) and February 24 (2nd batch) at the Animal Science Lecture Hall 2.

The workshop, which was aimed to increase self-awareness and resilience, tackled the biopsychosocial aspects of the individual and impact in one’s well-being as well as the stress management techniques and active listening skills to support psychosocial wellness.

Organized by the CAFS and the Department of Human and Family Development Studies (DHFDS), College of Human Ecology, the workshop was attended by 85 students for the first batch and 72 for the second batch.

The workshop consisted of four activities: 1) reflection about the past, present and future, 2) stress management through laughter yoga, 3) self-expression through art, and 4) understanding the growing adolescent and the adult. The participants were divided into small groups and asked to present their outputs during the plenary session. Feedbacks were also gathered from selected participants about its impact on their lives, as a responsible student and family member.

The workshop was spearheaded by Prof. Karla Joy S. Ty (chair, IAS Student Welfare Committee) in collaboration with the faculty members of DHFDS led by Dr. Teri-Marie P. Laude, Profs. Melissa P. Ferido, Sarah Jen C. Paccarangan, Helga P. Vergara and Kristine Marie T. Reyes.  

Through this workshop, it is hoped that the participants will be properly guided on when-whom-how to seek help to avoid mental health disorders and become responsible children and students.

First published in Aggie Green and Gold Vol. 19 No. 1