APSTD-IAS Caps Two-Day Virtual Seminar on Meat Processing

APSTD-IAS Caps Two-Day Virtual Seminar on Meat Processing

Faculty members and staff at the Animal Products Science and Technology Division (APSTD) at the Institute of Animal Science (IAS) conducted a two-day Virtual Seminar on Meat Processing last July 6-7.

Meat processing is an important post-production aspect in the livestock and poultry industry. It is a development and value-adding process which involves changes on raw meat until the meat is ready for consumption.

Mary Daphne Abigan and Diane T. Distor, technical staff from CTC Far East Philippines, Inc. completed a 16-hour webinar on the technical aspects of meat processing. Dr. Cristy M. Bueno, Dr. Oliver D. Abanto, and Blessy Hanna T. Malinao served as lecturers as they discussed the importance of meat in the diet, meat physical structure and composition, principles of meat preservation, raw meat materials and non-meat ingredients for processing, and processing methods for various meat products.

Participants requested for a special online seminar to help them become updated with the meat industry practices and to learn about the science behind meat quality for better service to their clients.

IAS has been conducting regular technical advisory services on meat processing and other topics in Animal Science since the 1980s thru the Information Management and Technical Services Unit (IMTSU), the Institute’s extension and public service arm. With the recent turn of extension activity modalities due to pandemic, IAS has been hosting webinars lead by the College of Agriculture and Food Science since September 2020 thru the Aggie Ps Talk Series.

Coordination for this online seminar was lead by Dr. Nenita L. de Castro, head of IMTSU.