ABD Initiates Lessons in R-Studio

ABD Initiates Lessons in R-Studio

Attendees are all eyes and ears as Prof. Marcelino discusses the fundamentals of R-Studio software. (Photo courtesy of KZG Lavadia)

The Animal Breeding Division of the Institute of Animal Science conducted a two-day training on the use of R-studio software among a pool of animal science researchers held at i-Lab, Villegas Hall, CAFS-UPLB, August 1-2.

The said training titled “Introduction to the Application of Open Source Software on Simple Evaluation of Animal Performance Data and Farm Animal Genetic Diversity” aimed to acquaint researchers handling animal performance data recording and evaluation with the use of open source software, the R-studio.

The training was well attended by researchers and staff coming from the National Swine and Poultry Research and Development Center (BAI-NSPRDC), International Training Center for Pig Husbandry (ATI-ATCPH), and students, faculty, and staff of the Institute of Animal Science.

Prof. Rocky T. Marcelino of INSTAT, UPLB served as the resource speaker for the “Introduction to Statistical Analysis of Animal Performance Data using R-Studio” on the first day. Meanwhile, Ms. Grace C. Lachica of the PGC-Agriculture, UPLB, discussed the “Overview of Workflow on Molecular Research and Concepts on Animal Genetic Diversity” on the second day.

Apart from the lectures, participants were also given hands-on exercises to gain a better appreciation on the use of the software.

The said training was organized by Asst. Prof. Jorge Michael D. Dominguez, and Ms. Katrina M. Umali, University Research Associate of the Animal Breeding Division of the Institute of Animal Science.