Principles of Animal Nutrition

3 hrs a week (lecture)
ANSC 102
3 units



ANSC 102

Pre-requisite: AGRI 21 (ANSC 1)

Co-requisite: None

Description: Composition and metabolism of various nutrients; their functions in maintenance, growth, reproduction, lactation, egg production and work of farm animals.

Course Outcomes:

  •  Know the different nutrients and explain how they are digested, absorbed, and metabolized in the animal’s body.
  •    Know how the feeding value of feedstuffs used in livestock diets are determined.
  •    Understand how nutrient requirements of animals are determined and to apply this knowledge in developing nutrition programs.
  •    Explain the importance of feed processing and describe the function of major equipment used in animal feed manufacturing.
  •    Appreciate the role of nutrition in animal agriculture.