Swine Production

5 hrs a week (2 lecture, 3 lab)
ANSC 111
3 units



ANSC 111

Pre-requisite: ANSC 2 or COI

Co-requisite: None

Credit: 3 units

Offered: Sem 1 and Sem 2

Description: Breeding, Feeding and Management of Swine, Economics of Swine Management

Course Outcomes:

  • Integrate the principles of breeding, physiology and nutrition in explaining practices in swine production
  • Discuss the interrelation of the different components of the swine system.
  • Organize different swine production management practices into a functional and operational program
  • Define, compute and interrelate the different swine production and reproductive parameters
  • Identify the different factors influencing the different production and reproductive parameters
  • List and operationalize the basic management practices for different classes of swine.