Beef Production

5 hrs a week (2 lecture, 3 lab)
ANSC 121
3 units



ANSC 121

Pre-requisite: ANSC 2 or COI

Co-requisite: None

Credit: 3 units

Offered: Sem 1 and Sem 2

Description: The breeding, feeding and management of beef cattle and carabaos on the range and in confinement; economics of beef production

Course Outcomes:

  • Explain the role of beef cattle in the local and international setting
  • Describe the basic principles in beef cattle production
  • Display the proper cattle handling techniques and general management practices in a beef cattle farm
  • Estimate stocking rates/carrying capacity of pasture, estimate feed requirement and formulate rations for beef cattle
  • Discuss concepts and principles of beef production with farmers through conduct of farm visits