Livestock and Poultry Feeding

5 hrs a week (2 lecture, 3 lab)
ANSC 143
3 units



ANSC 143

Pre-requisite: ANSC 2

Co-requisite: None

Credit: 3 units

Offered: Sem 1 and Sem 2

Description: Composition of feeds and their utilization by farm animals; formulation of ration; and quality control of feed ingredients and mixed feeds.

Course Outcomes:

  • Compare the digestion, absorption, and metabolism of different nutrients in ruminants versus in non-ruminants.
  • Know the nutritional value and stereoscopic characteristics of commonly used feed ingredients in livestock and poultry feeding.
  • Understand the different methods of feed evaluation and determine the feeding value of feed ingredients through proximate analysis.
  • Calculate the coefficient of digestibility and the total digestible nutrient of feeds.
  • Formulate diets that will satisfy the nutrient requirements of swine, poultry, beef cattle and dairy cattle and appreciate the importance of feed formulation in animal productivity.