Methods in Animal Breeding

3 hrs a week (lecture)
ANSC 161
3 units



ANSC 161

Pre-requisite: ANSC 103 or COI

Co-requisite: None

Credit: 3 units

Offered: Sem 1 and Sem 2

Description: Measurement and Inheritance of economically important traits of farm animals; systems of breeding and selection, inbreeding and hybridization of farm animals

Course Outcomes:

  • To know the measurement and inheritance of economically important traits of farm animals as it applies to systems of breeding in order to select genetically superior animals
  • To compute for different methods of estimating heritability, develop selection index and estimate breeding values using mixed model methodology, inbreeding coefficients and heterosis
  • To explain the significance of animal breeding in the formulation of national breeding program as a field of animal science that is key towards breed development for food security