Graduate Degree Programs
Graduate Degree Programs

Advanced study in animal science equips graduates to handle key positions in government, academic institutions, and private companies. Graduates become employed as managers, supervisors, faculty members, researchers, consultants, practitioners, technicians. They also create opportunities for others as farm entrepreneurs.Those who have passion for learning, have intentions of improving animal productivity, and hold a BS or MS, is encouraged to consider graduate studies in animal science

Master of Science in Animal Science

The MS Animal Science program is designed for students with baccalaureate degrees to receive deeper academic background and postgraduate training in the following sub-disciplines  of Animal Science:

  • Animal Breeding
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Animal Physiology
  • Animal Production
  • Dairy Technology
  • Meat Science

It is composed of 24 units coursework (15 units major; 9 units minor), 6 units of thesis, and 1 unit of seminar

Doctor of Philosophy in animal science

The doctorate degree in Animal Science is a highly research-oriented program intended for MS Animal Science graduates who would want to gain advanced knowledge on a particular Animal Science:

  • Animal Breeding
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Animal Physiology
  • Animal Production
  • Dairy Technology

The programs requires 12 units of dissertation, 15 units of major courses, 9 units of cognate courses and 1 unit of seminar.

With the academic background in Animal Science and in the chosen cognate, the PhD Animal Science program aims to develop the ability of the students to undertake independent and original research and scholarly work at the highest quality standards.


Graduate Courses

Course Code
Course Title
ANSC 210
Advances in Swine Production
ANSC 220
Advanced Course in Cattle and Carabao Production
ANSC 225
Conservation of Grass and Forage Crops
ANSC 240
Advanced Poultry Production
ANSC 250
Advanced Course in Meats
ANSC 260
Artificial Breeding of Farm Animals
ANSC 261
Livestock Endocrinology
ANSC 262
Physiology of Reproduction
ANSC 263
Mammalian Anatomy
ANSC 264
Mammalian Physiology
ANSC 265
Advanced Animal Breeding
ANSC 266
Poultry Breeding
ANSC 270
Research Techniques in Animal Nutrition
ANSC 271
Feed Formulation and Quality Control
Course Code
Course Description
ANSC 272
Advanced Animal Nutrition
ANSC 285
Environmental Physiology of Domestic Animals
ANSC 290
Special Problems in Animal Science
ANSC 291
Special Topics in Animal Science
ANSC 299
Graduate Seminar in Animal Science
ANSC 300
Master’s Thesis
ANSC 400
Doctoral Dissertation
DSC 230
Advances in Dairy Production
DSC 235
Dairy Products Processing I
DSC 236
Dairy Products Processing II
DSC 240
Quality Control of Milk Products
DSC 268
Physiology of Lactation
DSC 290
Special Problems